Our strategic intent

In May 2021 Marketing Institute Ireland launched its new strategy, following a period of review and consultation with members, senior marketing professionals and key stakeholders across the business sector. The new strategy is challenging and ambitious, giving a clear focus and pathway for the next three to five years.  Below we have outlined our strategic intent, vision, proposition and values, along with our positioning strategy.

Purpose:  Our purpose is to reframe marketing, strengthen the standing of the profession and educate, enable and empower marketers at all stages of their career to have the foresight, insight and expertise to become transformational leaders, drive business performance and contribute to the wellbeing of the economy and society.

Our Vision: Our vision is for marketing to be acknowledged as the key value creator for business and for Ireland to be recognised as a global hub for marketing expertise.  The Institute will play a pivotal role in bringing this about through strategic and creative partnerships that inform innovative education, lifelong learning, research and learning experiences that future proof careers and evidence marketing effectiveness and impact. The Institute will have an active, diverse, global membership network and will be the voice of authority for the profession on key market and business issues.

The supporting foundations for the new vision are powerful and inspiring:

  • Fiercely passionate about the power of marketing and the marketing profession to create business value
  • Real world research and applied knowledge. The MII will have mutually supportive relationships with decision makers in business, research and academia and leverage these to create innovative education and learning programmes
  • Obsessive about impact and evidence that proves the worth of marketing
  • A place (physical and online) where exciting conversations happen, and inspiring ideas thrive
  • A beacon for cutting edge thinking that can redefine business / marketing, and accelerate ideas

There are five strategic objectives to help us deliver on our purpose and vision

The MII Proposition

MII helps, enables and empowers me to build my network, knowledge, skills and expertise in a way that no other place could. Its real world learning continually inspires me, and gives me what I need to be a better marketer. My contribution to my organisation is visible and acknowledged, and I have a great career, with so much future potential.

1.     MII will drive research and discourse.

In partnerships and in its own right.
Obsessed with evidence. Own and influence the debate and the conversation.
Define best practice. Foundation for voice and advocacy.

2. MII will provide the best learning opportunities for current and next generation marketing leaders.

Created by business and marketing people for business and marketing people.
The most up to date thinking and applied learning.
The best theory and best practice. Equipping marketers with the skills, knowledge, and evidence to progress, make a positive impact and thereby improve career opportunities and the standing of the profession.

3. MII will advocate

Taking informed and thoughtful positions on the key issues facing business and society. The MII would discuss, debate, and offer solutions and hypotheses based on fresh thinking and evidence.

4. MII will be a place, a destination.

Online, a destination and source of knowledge and inspiration. Also, a physical place where like-minded people meet, have debates, make ideas happen, and create enduring networks.


  • Agile
  • Enquiring
  • Progressive
  • Collegial
  • Determined