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Membership Benefits

Access to Exclusive Resources: As a member, you gain access to our library of industry insights, research, whitepapers, and webinars that will keep you at the forefront of marketing trends.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow marketers, thought leaders, and industry experts at our events, and or webinars, fostering valuable professional relationships.

Professional Development: MII offers a variety of training and certification programs to help you enhance your skills and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving business landscape.

Member-Only Discounts: Enjoy special member rates for all our events and courses, saving you money as you invest in your career.


Approved marketing or business degree and 2+ years’ professional experience in Marketing OR 5+ years’ professional experience in marketing management.

Full membership costs €250 annually and there is a once-off join fee of €32, so €282 in the first year.

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