What are the AIM Awards?

The All-Ireland Marketing Awards programme, organised by Marketing Institute Ireland, is the nation’s preeminent marketing award programme.

In an increasingly chaotic world and marketplace of ideas, Marketing Institute Ireland is a voice of strategic insight, cutting-edge thinking, and innovative ideas that advance the practice and impact of marketing. We are a collection of thinkers and doers, acting as one influential network.

MII AIM Awards are your chance to be recognised, on a national scale, to celebrate your success, honour your achievements and showcase your company!

Why should I enter the MII AIM Awards?

Brand Awareness

Just being shortlisted can improve brand awareness and promote your business to new customers. Being associated with and endorsed by MII is a great marketing opportunity. As well as the media exposure that comes with being shortlisted, you can leverage this further through social media engagement, blogs or newsletters.

Increased Credibility / Seal of Approval

An award win or shortlisting by MII can act as a 3rd party endorsement for your business. Winning or being nominated for an MII AIM Awards is a strong indicator of trustworthiness, innovation and reliability. A win is like a seal of approval and a sign of quality for potential customers. It’s a great way of differentiating your company from competitors and standing out in the crowd.

Level the Playing Field

MII AIM Awards are open to companies of all sizes. This is your opportunity to compete against the major blue-chip companies, the “big boys”, and to stand side-by-side with them on stage and on promotional materials. With a huge range of categories to choose from, show that you are the best of the best by competing with, and beating, all the rest.

Employee Motivation and Talent Attraction

MII AIM Awards are the perfect opportunity to recognise the hard work and efforts of your team. When employees feel proud of their work and their company it boosts morale, motivation and engagement. This increased moral and recognition by industry peers has the knock-on effect of attracting new and outstanding talent.

Exposure and Networking

The awards ceremony, taking place this year at the Clayton Burlington, Dublin, will put your business in front of the most influential and noteworthy key players within your industry. It’s the perfect opportunity to network while your success is celebrated.

Internal Recognition

Sometimes as marketers, our contributions can go unrecognised within the wider business functions. This is your chance to show your board of directors, your boss and your wider team that you are ranked at the very top of the marketing profession in Ireland.


There is an incredibly high standard at MII AIM Awards, with only one winner in each category. The time and effort invested in the application process is an opportunity to look at your business from a different perspective. Articulating how you stand out from the competition, when your competitors come from many different fields and industries, can help you gain a whole new viewpoint on what works and what doesn’t.

How do I enter MII AIMs?


First, make sure your membership is up to date!*

If you are not already a member then don’t worry, joining is quick and easy and will mean you benefit from our reduced members entry fee in all MII Events and Education!

We strongly recommend you get in touch now and start reaping the rewards of an MII membership!

Contact Rose at rose@mii.ie for Individual Membership

Contact Cecilia at cecilia@mii.ie for Corporate Membership

Call us at 01216 0158 or sign up at this link.


Second, enter your details

Start by entering your company details and registering your interest. Your entry will then be saved, and you can login and edit right up until the final deadline of Thursday March 2nd at 5pm GMT.

Don’t be afraid to start slow and build on your entry gradually. We all know how well that went for the tortoise!


Third, review the award categories and select the best ones for you

Choose the category or categories that best apply to you. There is a wide range, so you won’t be limited, apply for as many as you want! Download this entry guide to optimise your entry.


Fourth, submit your entry and make payment

Once you are ready to submit, we will process your payment by credit card.

MII Members benefit from the reduced entry fee of €200.

Non-MII-Members entry fee is €482*

*While it is possible to enter most award categories without becoming an MII member, we strongly encourage joining! It makes financial sense, as the cost of new membership is €282, and you will benefit from the reduced members entry fee of €200.

By becoming a member, you will gain access to reduced rates for all MII Events and Educational offering throughout the year along with a host of other benefits.


Enter Awards Now

What Happens Next?

Once entries have closed, each submission is carefully scrutinised by a prestigious panel of marketing practitioners and experts. The entries are evaluated against a set of criteria specific to each award and a shortlist of finalists is chosen. The winners remain a closely guarded secret until the gala event, when the envelopes are opened!

You can read about the judging process in detail here.

The shortlisted finalists will be published in the Irish Independent and posted on the MII website on Wednesday 5th April. Make sure you are ready to capitalise on this exposure!

Important Dates for your Calendar

Open for Entries: Wednesday 25th January 2023

Closed for Entries: Thursday 2nd March

Shortlist Announced: Wednesday 5th April

Presentations by finalists: 17th April – 28th April

Awards ceremony: Thursday 18th May 2023 at Clayton Hotel, Burlington Road.

Please carefully note the entry deadline Thursday 2nd March at 5pm, GMT.

This date is final and there can be no extensions granted. The submission platform will automatically close after the deadline to prevent any further entries.

Support with your MII AIMs submission

If you have any questions at all about MII membership, the entry process, or the submission platform don’t hesitate to contact MII by email to Shane@MII.ie or Theresa@MII.ie.

You may also find the answer in our FAQs below.


Please refer to the views of MII CEO, Shane McGonigle MMII & Chairman of the Jury, Colin Gordon who share what they see as the key features of a winning entry.

Check out the conversation to optimise your entry here.

Contact Rose at rose@mii.ie for Individual Membership.
Contact Cecilia at cecilia@mii.ie for Corporate Membership.
Call us at 01216 0158 or sign up at this link.

You will need your MII Membership ID in order to benefit from the reduced member fee.

You will also need your MII Membership ID in order to qualify to enter certain award categories like the Marketing Team of the Year Award.

If you are unsure of your ID number or if you want to become an MII.

.Member contact Rose or Cecilia by Rose@mii.ie or Cecilia@mii.ie.

Entry is by digital submission on our awards platform. Navigate here and enter under the relevant award category.

Yes. As long as your project meets the criteria you are eligible to enter as many categories as you choose.

We have added a feature to make this process easier. By selecting the ‘copy’ feature, your entry will be duplicated. Then you can change the award category as required and make edits to tailor your submission to the new criteria.

Yes. You may edit your entry up until the entry deadline of Thursday March 2nd at 5pm, GMT. After this time the portal will lock and further editing, or entries will not be possible.

Entry fees may be paid by credit card only and must be paid online at the time of submission.

If your submission(s) have not been paid for at close of entry, they may not be included for judging.

Please note; a merchant fee will be applied to entries paid by Visa, MasterCard and American Express. These fees will be added to your total and outlined in the payment summary.

If you still have questions you can contact MII by email to Shane@MII.ie or Theresa@MII.ie.


MII AIM Awards programme encompasses a range of awards reflecting the various major marketing disciplines, and each is commercially sponsored by excellent organisations who understand the true value of professional marketing in business.

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