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Marketing Institute Ireland is the professional body representing marketing professionals in Ireland. Our mission is to promote excellence in marketing by improving the practice of marketing and the performance of marketers. The aim is to develop better marketers, doing better marketing to deliver better performance. This performance is for the individual in their career, for the company where they work and for the Irish economy overall. While the Irish economy already benefits from the success of marketers and marketing in delivering more sustainable competitive performance, we believe that there is more to be done.

Distinguish Yourself: Add the prestigious MMII designation to your name, signifying your commitment to excellence in marketing.

Showcase Your Expertise: Share your professional articles on our member news webpage, amplifying your thought leadership within the marketing community.

Gain Recognition: Feature in our Member News and press releases, increasing your visibility and reputation as a marketing professional.

Expand Your Skillset: Identify and Excel: Utilise the MII marketing-specific competency framework to identify skill gaps and create actionable plans for your professional development.

Broaden Your Knowledge: Engage in challenging courses designed to expand your marketing knowledge and skills.

Unlock Career Opportunities: Explore internship and job listings in our careers centre, connecting you with career advancements in the marketing industry.


Grow Your Network: Connect and Collaborate: Attend Ireland’s most transformative marketing events, connecting with like-minded professionals and industry leaders.

Learn from the Best: Gain real-world insights from leading-edge marketers who share their experiences and expertise.

Access a Wealth of Knowledge: Access over 70 hours of past events online, ensuring you stay informed and inspired.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Tap into a Vast Resource: Dive into thousands of business and marketing publications in our online library, staying current with industry trends and insights.

Ignite Inspiration: Explore our extensive inventory of events, presentations, and videos that provide valuable knowledge and spark creativity.

Stay Informed: Keep up with compelling marketing content through our monthly newsletter.

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