Marketing Strategy & Tactics in a Digital World

April 28th - May 1st - Online

This 4 half day course ( 9.30am -12.30pm) has been devised by the Marketing Institute precisely to help you to create the optimal strategy for all aspects of your marketing. In this course we aim to show you how to boost your short term marketing results via proven techniques, how to build long-term sustainable competitive advantage by developing a more strategic perspective, and how to become a world class marketer.

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Marketing Fundamentals Series: Using CX to Differentiate Your Business

May 5th & May 6th Online

This 2 half day course ( 10am-1pm) delivered by Clare Kavanagh and Mark Cullen, who are both CCXP certified, will work through the key principles and frameworks around ensuring you and your business are able to deliver excellent customer service and generate customer loyalty.

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Regulation & Governance

5-6 June 2020

This 2-day course has been devised by the Marketing Institute precisely to help give an awareness and understanding of the legal and regulatory environment for digital marketing decisions.

It is hoped that the development of an understanding of the relevant issues will inform digital strategy making and enable better and more meaningful audience and stakeholder relationships.

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Persuasive Writing for Marketers

7 July 2020

This course will enable marketers to understand the elements of successful persuasive writing, learn to better tailor their approach, tone and language to their audience(s) and clearly articulate their brand’s value proposition. It will equip participants with a framework for planning the content they need to write, as well as a toolkit of writing tips and tricks to enable them write high-impact, relevant, persuasive copy.

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Finance for Marketers

21 July 2020

This one-day masterclass is aimed at non-finance managers and marketing professional who wish to understand the basic principles of finance pertinent to marketing. It will take a practical approach, using a number of case studies to underpin the fundamental financial principles relevant to marketing professionals.

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CMO Masterclass: Marketing Effectiveness

8 September 2020

This half-day course, led by Les Binet,  is for anyone who wants to make their marketing communications more effective, efficient and accountable. You’ll learn how marketing communications really work – and why most of the things you’ve been taught are wrong, how to make them work better – and why most marketers get the balance wrong, and how to evaluate them properly – and why much research is misleading.

At the end of the session, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of how to plan, measure and optimise marketing communications, and will have a new set of intellectual tools that will help your company to increase sales and profit.

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