CMO Masterclass: B2B Trends for the Contrarian Marketer

13th April - Online Learning

We believe that there’s never an advantage to following the crowd — especially in marketing, when the crowd is usually wrong. In marketing, it is advantageous to be contrarian, to deviate from the beaten path and stand out from competitors.

This CMO Masterclass will take place on Tuesday April 13th 1.30pm – 5pm

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How to Get to Grips with Sponsorship

29th & 30th April - Online Learning

Everyone operating in marketing now needs to understand the benefits of what sponsorship offers brands.  This course is an immersive overview of everything that sponsorship has to offer designed especially for marketers who currently work outside the sponsorship discipline.

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CV Building & Interview Skills for Graduates

5th May - Online Webinar

As a final year student or recent graduate, you’re excited about your future, but uncertain of what lies ahead. We want to make the transition from Grad to Employee as easy as possible for you by bringing you a series of webinars that help you to prepare for life post-college.

Securing your first job and acing interviews can be a tough challenge, especially in the current climate so we’ve teamed up with Alternatives for our next graduate webinar on “CV Building & Interview Skills for Graduates”.

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Mastering the Research Journey

11th & 12th May - Online Learning

Master the research to insight to execution journey on this online learning session. These 2 morning sessions will be delivered by Eadaoin McCarthy an expert in developing better research practice and processes by combining a mix of logic & creativity.
Each Session will offer practical tips and resources to make it easier for you to unknot multiple data sources and simplify how to convert information to insight.

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Executive Diploma in Regulation and Governance for Marketers

June 2021

All marketing professionals have now all been affected by the implementation of GDPR. The legislation has a significant impact on the way marketers approach their work and how organisations obtain, store, manage or process the personal data of EU citizens.

This short executive diploma will ensure you have the skills, knowledge and competencies required to understand and be fully compliant for GDPR.

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Using Insights to Gain Competitive Advantage

15th & 16th June - Online Learning

Develop a considered and data-driven marketing strategy for your business. This course delves into how marketing professionals can utilise and make sense of the large quantities of data collected by their organisations from their customer bases to aid in gaining competitive advantage.

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Qualified Marketer Exam

19th June - Online Exam

Have you graduated in the past 2 years and hold a degree or postgraduate qualification in Marketing or Business? If so, you may be eligible for the Qualified Marketer Exam.

The Marketing Institute maintains a Register of Qualified Marketers that lists the names of full members of the Institute who, in addition to having an approved, degree-level qualification in marketing, have also successfully undertaken the Institute’s own Graduateship or Qualified Marketer Exam.

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Developing a Marketing Strategy in 2021

29th & 30th June - Online Learning

Strategy to build long-term meaningful engagement and profitability has never been so critical to avoid the trap of devaluing your brand and future profits.

This course will give you confidence in how best to approach developing a marketing strategy in your business and the importance of segmenting, targeting and positioning your brand in a competitive market.

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Persuasive Writing for Marketers

6th & 8th July - Online Learning

This course taking place on July 6th & 8th will enable marketers to understand the elements of successful persuasive writing, learn to better tailor their approach, tone and language to their audience(s) and clearly articulate their brand’s value proposition.

*Limited Spaces Available*

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CMO Masterclass: Using Behavioural Science to Solve Business Challenges in 2021

July 13th - Online Learning

Before you can influence decisions, you need to understand what drives them. This course investigates how consumer behaviour is shaped by psychological shortcuts.

This interactive course will give you an overview of the findings from behavioural science that have the greatest relevance to marketing. It covers both the latest findings from the topic but also lesser known classic experiments.

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