Webinar: The Future is Local

29 October 2020

Everything we thought we knew about media – from patterns of consumer behaviour to planning and buying policies – can be largely consigned to the past.  It’s a bold statement but the changing landscape for brands has shifted considerations towards new forms of media which, for some, were largely untried.  Local radio was one such example. Now viewed as a highly trusted source of “always on” information and a bridge to local communities, the second half of this year has seen a major shift in perspective.

In this session, Gerard O’Neill, Chairman Amarach Research and Peter Smyth, CEO IRS+ share “The Future Is Local” report exploring the long-term consequences of changing consumer behaviour in their shift toward local and why local radio is set to be a bigger part of the landscape in future.

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Webinar: What matters NOW (post Covid) to the Global Consumer?

3 November 2020

Recent global events have changed the consumer landscape forever.

The pandemic has accelerated a number of key predictions made in ‘Mintel’s 2030 Consumer Trends’. Find out which trends have been particularly accelerated and how these are set to impact key sectors such as Food, Retail, Health & Wellbeing and Technology.

The presentation will focus on 7 key global trend drivers: Wellbeing, Technology, Experiences, Surroundings, Value, Rights & Identity.

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Webinar: Christmas During COVID-19

5 November 2020

Zahra surveyed over 3,700 consumers to paint a picture of what Christmas will look like this year. We discovered how theyʼre feeling, how their buying behaviour and traditions have changed, what they plan to spend on, where and when!

Join The Marketing Institute in partnership with Zahra, as Gina Miltiadou reveals consumer insights that will help you plan and ready your brand for Christmas 2020 and beyond.

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Marketing 5s: Change in our business, Change on our brands, Change in our Industry with Gráinne Wafer

10 November 2020

Are you grappling with how your brands can make a difference in creating a more inclusive and diverse culture & society? Do you have clear insight into the sort of steps you can take both within and outside your organisation to make meaningful change? What does it take to make broader change in the industry?

In this session, Gráinne Wafer, Global Brand Director Guinness and co-lead of Diageo’s progressive marketing initiatives will share the top 5 lessons that they have learned along their D&I journey to create change in our business, change on our brands and change in our industry.

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